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2024 3 on 3 HOCKEY







3 on 3 Hockey Format

This 3 on 3 hockey league will be a developmental program in which I and/or one/two of my well qualified instructors is on the ice with the players during play acting as a referee, promoting moving the puck, and getting into open areas, and offering advice to the players. Each team will have 10 players and 1 goalie and the game will be played FULL ICE. I believe full ice is excellent for the players as it helps improve their skating and endurance. Also, on the full ice surface players have nowhere to hide, they must be engaged in the play. 3 on 3 games allow players to touch the puck more and forces them to think more creatively on the ice as they make plays.

There will be one face off at the start of the game. Goals, goalie saves and off sides simply means a change of possession and players must give the opposition time to regroup. During play when the whistle is blown players leave the puck and make immediate line changes.

Shift times are just over 1 min, thus trying to create game like situations. This also keeps the pace of play high. I do not keep score during the game as my focus is not on who wins the game – the focus is on the development of your son or daughter and helping them improve their game and build confidence.



Heading into the 11th season of this 3 on 3 program we have received a lot of positive feedback from parents regarding the progress their son or daughter made throughout the spring / summer. Parents have  commented on how their son / daughter really looked forward to these games and how their self confidence improved, along with their skating and stick handling. I’m looking forward to another fun season.

Team Divisions

Players will be matched with and against players of the same ability. The goal when making teams is to match players as best as possible to keep the game competitive. The age range this league is geared towards are players born 2007-2016 and how have previously played some level of organized hockey.

Players may request up to 2 other friends / teammates to play on the same team. However, players must play the same level of hockey. Please note : Players can only request to be together if they are the same age / level of play. We cannot put siblings / friends together on teams unless they are the SAME age / level of play.

If you are unable to commit to a team full time or you do not get into the 3 on 3 program because it is full you have the option to be a substitute player. Every week I ask parents to let me know if their son/daughter will miss a game so that I can fill the missing player’s spot with another player at that same level. This way the game still flows smoothly as the attending players will have a full line. I contact players every game to sub in and the cost is $30. If you are interested in playing some 3 on 3 games in this way please register as a “sub”.

3 on 3 Schedule